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Familie cykeltur

Cycling holiday at BORNHOLM


Cycling on Bornholm.

Our beautiful Bornholm is known as a bicycle island. We have a very nice network of good cycle paths, which cover the whole island - and where the cycle paths do not cover, we have fine side roads where you can easily move around on the 2 wheels.

The cycle paths take you through beautiful landscapes and around every corner of your trip, an incredibly beautiful nature awaits you - reminiscent of Denmark, Sweden and Norway.


North-South-East- West

Cycle route 10, which can be "boarded" at Hotel Skovly, pulls you around the island along the coast, while cycle routes 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26 go across the island.

All bike routes show you the most beautiful Bornholm. The bike routes are either paved or paved with granite stone flour, which gives you a smooth ride - without the many punctures.

Cykel med bus.jpg

The bike with the bus

Do you, during your bike ride, need to be driven home - do you have the opportunity to take the bike by bus - at a small extra cost.

The bus has room for a total of 4 bicycles - and you can reserve a seat at

Inform the driver that you are getting off the bus at "Sahara" at Hotel Skovly.

Cafeen på Skovly.jpg

Hotel Skovly

Cycling-holiday-bornholm is part of Hotel Skovly.
We run a nice bike-friendly hotel, 4 km north of Rønne - in the middle of the forest and close to the cool mountain bike tracks and gravel bike routes. Highway driving also starts right outside our door ......

We ride mtb, gravel and road cycling - and have done so since 1990.

See more about Hotel Skovly here!

Videos from hotel skovly

Family bike and beach holiday at Hotel Skovly

Drone film over Hotel Skovly

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Hotel Skovly - Nyker Strandvej 40 - 3700, Rønne - Danmark

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